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Resources to help you make your dreams (even more) possible. Putting my experiences to work for you.
Corporate was good for me: it gave me a unique background in marketing + tech and funded my debt-free journey and saving for my own leap out of the 9-to-5. I now write, travel, dream, and create to help others be more able to take chances and do something about their big dreams. Below are the latest helps.
Printable: 5 Steps to Making The Most of Your Paydays ($0)
For dreamers in jobs where someone is paying you consistently. Use the five steps on this simple printable to make the most of your current paydays and make the most of the money you're currently trading time for. Make this employee situation work more to your advantage to get out of debt, and start fueling your savings/launch goals, on a per-paycheck basis.

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GUIDE: The Dreamer's Guide to Your Business Website ($0)
For dreamers starting to build their business website/tech or needing to simplify. This website guide is meant to help my fellow dreamers focus on what matters and keep the tech stuff simple especially at the start. But it’s relevant to any entrepreneur overwhelmed by their tech and everything they're trying to keep track of in business.

This guide comes from 12+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in web development and marketing technology. It includes considerations for hiring someone to build a website for you versus DIY, thoughts on commonly used platforms, and a glimpse into my own tech stack.

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GUIDE: Getting into pickleball ($10)
Pickleball is the nation's fastest growing sport and I know why: it's amazing! But it can be intimidating to get into. This Getting Into Pickleball is a critical guide to help you confidently get into and stay in the game, and how to find introductory lessons and people to play with—in your community and in new places. It reflects everything I've learned by getting into this awesome sport on my own across multiple states.

It also includes a database of reminders and tips, as well as a database

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Mini course: The budget tune-up ($17)
Perfect for dreamers actively doing some kind of budgeting. It's a course to help you see what's working about your financial system, what's not, and what to change to win with your money.

A budget is a lot like a vehicle in that it helps you get where you want to go. And all vehicles need tuning up sometimes. This mini-course helps "trying budgeters" identify blind spots needing attention and showing them key habits and approaches that get budgeting humming along happier.  

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COURSE: See Your Way to $50K ($77)
For those in debt or who have never really been able to save and have money stay saved. This course walks you through the exact process I used and have since shared with countless others to get proactive with money instead of reactive.

The course was designed to be a weekend money reset for those who are fired up about firing debt and paycheck to paycheck living. It can realistically be completed in a 3-4 hour window. Don't you think your money is worth the couple hours to make it over? I sure do—your life and your dreams are worth happy, purposeful money.

Completing this course unlocks a chance to book a personalized review session of your plan and fine-tuning your system so it can super fuel your dreams.

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