Emily Burnett

Writer, consultant, speaker, entrepreneur.

Currently writing my second book (Dear Fellow Dreamer). I'm also the author of two Substacks, More to Your Life and The Pickleball Times. I'd love to have you join me on one or both for news, updates and inspiration ↓

I’m Emily, a former money mess and lifelong dreamer → doer.

I went from broke ($50K of debt, living paycheck to paycheck, no savings) to trusting myself with money, leaving corporate to leap into a more intentional, creative life, and traveling solo to create a life I love.

What I'm into:
Making stuff—websites, books, products, courses.
Traveling near and far. Meeting people and hearing stories.
Writing and speaking.
Reading. Often and widely.
Pickleball. Playing, getting others into it, helping aspiring pros with their dream.
Good roots: family, faith, minimalist leanings, budgeting.
Improvement and asking good questions.

Dear Fellow Spender:

Enjoy Using Your Money to Get Out of Debt, Build Savings, and Create a Life You Love

This book is about my own journey finally breaking up with financial shame and getting out of debt, discovering budgeting I could love, and ending paycheck-to-paycheck living. Little did I know all the places, literal and figurative, it would lead me. I can't wait for you to experience similar things for yourself—because you really do unlock your potential by getting intentional with your money.

What readers say about the book:

It felt like I was having a money conversation with a best friend who wants to empower me to take control, not only my money, but of my life.

This book is a must for anyone stuck in that vicious cycle of accruing debt and ignoring their bank accounts. You won’t regret it!

Truly the first time any advice about "budgeting" resonated with me.

Emily does a great job of making accessible a topic that most people run away from.

If budgeting is a dirty word for you but you want to get control of your runaway finances, this the book for you.

“Dear Fellow Spender” is written with unique talent – the reader will yearn for the author’s perspective and voice again on this and other topics.

OMG - WOW. I have been struggling with budgeting for years and I have never, ever, ever, read more approachable, kind, tough loving advice for budgeting.

Great book. Friendly, funny, and encouraging. Emily also offers simple, practical steps for managing our day-to-day finances as a path to a fulfilling, happier life with less stress.

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Why "moso"?

Moso (pronounced "mo-so") is a type of bamboo which grows slowly at first. Once its roots are developed and it reaches a height of a couple feet, it starts growing several inches a day. Cool, right? Moso Mode is all about helping you get and keep your roots right so you can have more fun and growth, baby, grow.


Money Mirror and Money Moves™️

Should you save for retirement? Pay down debt? Pay off debt? Invest? Save? What if you just feel bad with money in general?

This curated assessment brings you into the most important conversation about money you'll have—with yourself. Your customized results include: personalized feedback, journal prompts, and specific money moves to consider.

Learning where to start is the perfect place to start making a happier money life possible.

1:1 Money Coaching

Now is a great time to start taking care of your money.

"See Your Way to $10K" Workbook

This workbook captures the process I followed to get myself out of debt to the tune of $50,000.

This is a great option for those who can't (currently!) afford private coaching, the DIY-er who prefers working solo, or the person just warming up to doing money differently.

Digital download.
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There is no replacement for tailored support, encouragement, and accountability through this process. Coaching with me is fun, instructive, compassionate, challenging in all the necessary ways, and full of celebration for all your exciting progress.

The focus of my coaching is on reframing budgeting, making peace with where you are right now, and seeing how possible your goals are as you get on purpose with your money.

  • Surface all your spending.
  • Make peace with where you really are right now.
  • Identify your unique triggers, blind spots, and spending traps.
  • Identify opportunities to simplify accounts and priorities.
  • Map out how realistically you can reach your goals.
  • Reframe budgeting as something wonderful and teach you what actually works now and in the future.

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