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June 7, 2016

Hello friends!

I immediately think of Lucy Ricardo when I say that (“Hello friends, I’m the VitaMeataVegimin Girl!”) Lucy is a good virtual friend of mine, dating back to summers at my grandparents’ home in South Dakota.  We TV-deprived children watched and adored anything on that magic screen including baseball, golf, Jeopardy, Murder She Wrote, and I Love Lucy. [Side note: Lucy is a definite financial wreck, always trying to stay one step ahead of Ricky to prevent him finding out her overspending. She needed this blog:)]

Another friend who is very much alive and has no idea of our friendship is Mr. Dave Ramsey. His radio show has provided a support group of sorts and been a source of motivation over the years and I owe a very large debt of gratitude to him for his teachings. Anywho…he has a class I’ve not taken but have heard a lot about: Financial Peace University or FPU. You can definitely Google him and his books/classes/podcasts (I’d recommend it!) but I want to focus on that whole PEACE thing.

For the longest time, I have been unable to describe my emotions related to money. In retrospect, however, I felt perpetually unsettled and unconfident – or, the opposite of peace. Part of that was feeling like it was just me, that I was alone in living paycheck to paycheck, a struggling minority while nearly everyone else was debt-free, budgeted their money, and confident about what they did with it. However, the statistic that a whopping 63% of Americans cannot handle an unexpected expense of under $1,000 indicates that I have company! You have company! Yay for company! This means that if you work with 9 people MORE THAN six of you (9+you = 10) would have to put that expense on the good ‘ole (insert sarcasm) credit card. This includes the super stylish people and the ones driving nice cars and ordering the drink, entree AND appetizer at dinner.

Basically, people, you/we ain’t alone and that should be SO encouraging. The fact you’re reading this indicates you want to do something differently and even the teeniest smidge part of you believes you can maybe just maybe managed money and regain some financial self-respect and PEACE in your life.

So here we go…!

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