Just Start & 3 Fortune Cookies

October 11, 2016

I heard some really good advice last week. It was specific to budgeting and getting out of debt but it applies to so much of life. This woman’s advice was two words: JUST START. And then she elaborated and said in essence: “Stop making excuses. Stop making excuses for why you’re going to start next week, for why you’ve tried and it hasn’t worked, for why it’s too hard for you. Just start.”

Related to that, I came across this pithy quote in Four-Hour Workweek which is attributed to, and I quote, “Fortune Cookie”:

“Many a false step was made by standing still.”

There is such power in starting, in MOVEMENT. In stopping standing still and picking a direction. As Ricky Talbott in my early-morning high school religion class said once:

“It’s much harder to move a parked Toyota.”

SO true Ricky! Movement is momentum. And if it needs to be refined or you stopped again (failed or slipped), start again. This is a pep talk for myself as much as anybody. I’ve got budgeting down (#1 hobby!:)) and am on a great debt-payoff trajectory but there are definitely other things that I need to “JUST START”. Life goals, career goals, spiritual goals. No worthwhile thing happens without STARTING.

Let’s give up excuses, even our favorite ones,. Personally, I can dither and vacillate, waiting for everything to be just perfect, for Mercury to NOT be in retrograde, the forecast to be just right, and a string of “good hair days” (this is a real, talked-about thing amongst women) to occur. But guess what? Those things rarely happen at the right time. There basically is no such thing as the right time. Except for this week, which according to 1 of my 3 fortune cookies I had at Pei Wei last week, is a lucky week as long as I incorporate green.

So, here’s to starting! Here’s to movement! Here’s to Pei Wei fortune cookies*!

*You should’ve seen the other two, they’re even better than this. I’m basically about to be very rich and successful.

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