Behind the Scenes on the Rebrand

February 14, 2024

Emily Burnett

As teased in last week's email, and as you've maybe noticed, I'm coming to you from a new email domain. And I have a new logo 👆

I don't have everything completely figured out—doing so is part of bringing any dream into reality—and am sure things will continue to evolve and improve. Like my logo. Final, polished one coming soon :-)


Here's the short version of what's in this email—and next week I'll resume new-normal programming, with shorter emails.

  • I'm retiring not just Moso Money but Moso in general 🤯
  • The expanded vision?  Helping many thousands of dreamers become intentional life designers + doers 🚀
  • How we came to this situation.
  • Things you might consider from my rebranding wrestle/journey.

Here's the longer version:

Why the brand change:

  • With all the adventures of the past 14 months, writing under a brand with “money” in the title—Moso Money—has been really cramping my creativity.
  • I've also suspected that having “money” in my brand name has limited the way people experience what I create. It sets an expectation that everything is going to come back to money, and people have lots of feelings about the word. I get it.
  • "Money" can also be a word that affects things like SEO and email deliverability. That's a fun thing to work uphill against :-)
  • Even if I were going to continue building a brand name, it couldn’t continue to be Moso. People don’t know what "moso" means until I explain it. It worked great in combination with a descriptor like “Financial Coaching,” but as I’m shifting my whole business model, Moso doesn’t stand alone very well.

How we got here:

Well, it started 17 months ago when I decided to take a big chance on what I thought I wanted. I left corporate to build a financial coaching empire.

That single decision brought me to a lot of other decisions and actions:

  • I worked with a great coach.
  • I decided to give up a lot of comfort and security for the thrill of discovery for a season.
  • I've met tons of people and observed which ones seem happy and fulfilled versus those who just seem busy or bored.
  • I've read a lot.
  • I've done a bunch of writing and listening to myself.

Plain and simple, there was no AI-esque shortcut to getting here. And I realize something big:

The discovering and venturing of the past several years has brought me not to the end of a journey, but to the start of an even bigger one. True for me, and true for you.

What you can expect:

  • This weekly email will continue. And will include tips + inspiration you might apply in your life to create more of the life you want to be living.
  • Lots more creation. The next book, Dear Fellow Dreamer, is the biggest next thing. Other creations could include guides to help you finally start your business, set and get goals, trust yourself with time and money, travel intentionally. Potentially shorter, niche eBooks. Speaking engagements. Sketches—I draw now. Not well, but I'm working on it. My habit/intention cards will likely make a reappearance.

The thought of creating these as me makes it feel more fun and authentic to create them, and hopefully you'll appreciate them coming from a relatable person instead of a brand.

What you can learn from all this:

  • Let yourself grow and change, and let your dreams change into bigger and better things.
  • Be willing to let things go and be uncomfortable.
  • It's invaluable to work through your decisions on paper, and only then run your conclusion by a trusted advisor.
  • Listen to your intuition. It will pay dividends in a way listening to your fear or all the advice in the world ever can.
  • Trust that you do, in fact, know what you’re doing. Or will as you get going.

Phew, you guys—we made it! Thanks a million for being here and being here for the smaller pivots that brought me to this much bigger one. And for what will continue to take shape.

I'm so glad to have you be part of this expanded vision of helping many thousands of dreamers create intentional lives they love ❤️

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