Another Step To Getting A Handle On Your Moolah

September 4, 2018

This quick Tuesday Tip* goes out to those who are anxious to pay off debt or save up for something big or do more than just be a bit more fiscally prudent. [Sidenote: I cannot think of two words in the English language which sound less “fun,” especially when used together. But as I have become “fiscally prudent,” I have had more fun, been way less stressed and am pretty sure you will too. So there’s that…]

“Necessary” or necessary?

Sometimes we get so used to our lifestyles that we assume everything we pay money for is absolutely essential and there is no room for cutting back. It kind of goes back to how much we all love our excuses and even though we say we want something different, we spend most of our energy making excuses to ourselves and everyone else for why there is no room in the paycheck to save or pay down debt.

But…pretty much all of us buy things that we don’t have to buy and pay for services that are really not essential.

If we all bought only the bare essentials, we wouldn’t spend very much money. Basic shelter, basic food, basic transportation…it all doesn’t cost very much in the scheme of things.  A single person could probably get by on $15/week for food even though it would mean a lot of Ramen, frozen peas and oatmeal. Voila! Food!

It’s in wanting comfort and pleasure (and healthier living—totally valid) that we spend more on housing, food, transportation, clothing, etc. I am so grateful and should be even more so for these many things that make life so comfortable.

So, the tip.

It is helpful, once you get all-and-I-do-mean-all your expenses down on paper, to highlight or asterisk the ones you have some control over and which ones could technically get cut from the budget or scaled back. I’m definitely not suggesting you have to cut them (I’m not the boss of your money anyway, so it wouldn’t matter). Just saying that it’s helpful on two fronts to know that you could cut them:

  1. You start to see that you have more control of your money and in your money life than you’ve previously felt.
  2. You’ll enjoy these expenses, nay even luxuries, more if you keep them, recognizing that you are fortunate to be able to afford them, instead of complaining that you never buy nice things or have fun.

There ya have it! Short and sweet today!

*Do you like how I used “Tuesday Tip” like it’s been something I do every Tuesday?:)

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