How I help dreamers.

Helping dreamers with their dreams is my favorite thing.

Whether you need a web/tech partner for your business, a sounding board for your corporate leaving or business plans, or a money consult, I'd love to help.

Why work with Emily?

Because whatever you're working on matters a lot to you. It matters that you work with someone who cares a lot about empowering you in it.
I have a knack for getting to the root of problems, and have 12+ years experience explaining technical things in non-technical ways. Overarching my entire approach to tech, money, and life/business is a love of simplicity.
I've held professional roles as a web developer, web managerbusiness analyst, and global email manager. In these roles, I've vetted, implemented, troubleshot and used many dozens of tech tools and platforms.
I've also changed my own money and life and helped others do the same; made moves in and out of jobs, spoken to hundreds, and traveled and explored lots of cool places in the U.S world.

Get unstuck.

You are the expert at you and what you're building. You might not need a coach, but just need a sounding board + tech partner to simplify and move forward. Get help without hoopla.


Update or understand your own website/tech better, fix tech issues, talk through new tools, simplify where possible.

If your issue requires niche or advanced technical help, I can help bridge you to a developer who only speaks tech.


Create or finesse your budget, get help with your YNAB (there's a learning curve for sure), make a realistic plan for getting out of debt.

These sessions are also perfect for parents wanting to set their older teen or YA kids up for more financial independence.

Life & business:

Wanting to leave corporate but not sure about your plan? Let's talk.

Sounding board sessions are also invaluable for entrepreneurs to talk through strategy, upcoming speaking gigs, or marketing approaches without the bias of a coach.
Get unstuck now

Money Course

This is built for those who are living paycheck-to-paycheck, yo-yoing with consumer debt, or are serious about getting out of debt.

I have everyone start with my no-fluff* course to get all your numbers on paper, create at least a draft plan, and get rolling with a budget you can love.

Completing the course lets us both know you're ready for awesome change and unlocks financial consulting/coaching.
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*The course should only take 2-4 hours to complete, hours that pay you back in spades.



Digital Resources

Here's what it looks like to work with me:

Step 1

Intro Call

If you've made it this far, I suspect we're really going to like each other and be a great fit for working together.

But let's just make sure and get the party rolling!

These are awesome conversations about where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go and how I can help you with your money to get there.

Step 2

Financial Deep-dive

It's wild how much we can accomplish in this 90-minute Make a Plan session.

Magic happens when you review your cost of living with someone else. We can then use those actual numbers to make your plan, and begin setting up a financial system to get you to your #1 financial goal.

Step 3

Office Hours | Support

Support in mastering the system and approach that make your freedom plan possible is so critical!

Affordable monthly packages are available, as are 1-off office hours. All money topics are fair game for these! Budget reviews, questions about creating a budget, brainstorm about your plans...the sky is the limit!
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The Magic in Your Money

The Blueprint for managing your monthly money with ease and confidence, to stress less, spend happier, and start making the life of your dreams possible.

Best news ever? That magic can start right now. No financial windfall or better job necessary!

In this course, you will bring to light and accept all your spending, create a plan for getting to your goals, and create a budget you understand and love for what it makes possible in the future—and right now.  

I'm in! Let's do this!